“I will bow down toward your holy temple and will praise your name for your love and your faithfulness, for you have exalted above all things your name and your word.”- Psalm 138:2

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mere Churchianity - Michael Spencer

The book is told by the author, Michael Spencer of how in today's world the church has become a place of what the people want, not what GOD wants. He explains chapter by chapter of certain situations that are occurring in all churches across the America. Each chapter is the story of how churches are becoming more of a club or organization then a place to worship GOD. He does a great job of getting you to realize that church is a place to worship and GOD is all about a relationship with him. His whole morale to the book is to get people to stop and look at your life and ask yourself is my church running my life or is my life running by a Jesus-shaped spirituality?

This book is about your relationship with Jesus, the way the church teaches and how you can determine what is right for you. I think alot of people are negative or defensive to the author is because he hits home and he hits you hard with the truth. This book makes you take a look at the church life and if you are really going to church for the right reasons or you think you are there for the right reasons. It makes people think about everything the church does and if you are in a club setting or a true christian setting. GOD is not about church, he is about you and how you feel towards him and if you are really doing what Jesus would do. I enjoyed this book and it made me smile and think long and hard about alot of things that churches have talked about, events they have sponsored, programs they run, attitude of the church members and the sermons they preached... was GOD in all these times or was it the way the people wanted.

I would recommend this book to pastors, church members and all those that have left a church and not going back. It makes sense and gives the other side of the coin to think about. When you read this book and get upset about something (thinking it is negative) you need to stop and look at what it is.... is GOD speaking to you?..... is this why you are having these feelings?.... this book speaks to everyone.

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